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It may make you feel uneasy when sending kids to an infant care center; is there any one to take care of the children, so you can go to work without much to worry about?

It is natural that parents still worry despite great prudence being taken when choosing an infant care center for their kids. In Taipei City, the Department of Social Welfare, Taipei City Government, as the competent authority in this regard, understands deeply that parents care and worry about their children, and therefore it has not only upheld tight standards for childcare institute registration since 2011, but also has put together a team consisting of experts and scholars with practical experience in administration, childcare activities, and health and safety issues to rate infant care centers. It is a statutory requirement that all infant care centers must be rated at least once every 3 years. With professional ratings by experts and scholars, childcare service quality is further guaranteed.


In addition, the Taipei City Government has also commissioned the Department of Infant and Child Care, National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Science, to have its professional inspectors visit infant care centers on a regular basis, providing advice and consultancy services to further enhance infant care quality.

Three rating items for infant care centers ratings in Taipei City

Items Focal points of rating How it affects children
Administrative management ◎ Administrative and business management
◎ Personnel leadership and training
◎ Documentation and file management
◎ Financial and general affairs management
◎ Social resource and service
Making sure that infants/children can grow in an environment without safety concerns. Making sure that childcare personnel can work in a good working environment with sufficient childcare resources; when childcare workers are happy, children will be happy.
Childcare activities ◎ Relation establishment and interaction
◎ Environment planning and usage
◎ Activity planning and implementation
◎ Parent-teacher exchange and cooperation
Making sure that childcare personnel have the professional skills and correct attitude to guarantee that children are given a development environment suitable to their ages and potential, and that parents can fully understand their children’s status of growth so that they can be worry-free.
Health and safety ◎ Health service
◎ Food and drink health and safety
◎ Environment and health facilities
◎ Environment and equipment safety
◎ Preventive health care measures
◎ Accident prevention and handling
Making sure that infant care centers provide healthy diet and environment for infants/children and be able to keep track of infants’/children’s health condition and respond to accident property.

Regarding the purpose of ratings, usually parents see only the environment and feel the ambience at infant care centers, but experts and scholars see more by visiting infant care centers to observe, interview, and examine records. That is why they have more insights on infant care centers’ actual operations in terms of childcare activities, management, health and safety, and legal compliance. Therefore, if parents refer to the ratings when choosing, they may help to secure the standard of quality for their children’s care.

How to Read the Infant Care Center Ratings?
1. A+ and A grades infant care centers → Priority!
Infant care centers with A+ and A ratings have survived the scrutiny of high standards and are infant care centers that offer excellent quality.

2. B grade infant care centers → Acceptable
Infant care centers with B ratings account for about half of all infant care centers and are about average in performance.

3. On probation after rating and have passed the probation → Be careful!
These centers have been disqualified and are subject to probation by the Department of Social Welfare, Taipei City Government. After the probation, they have passed the minimum requirements. Parents should be careful with these centers.

4. On probation after rating and failed the probation → Forget it!
Infant care centers that fail to rectify the situation after probation will be publicly named and will need to undertake the following year’s rating until they have passed the infant care centers rating. Parents need not bother to even consider them.


By referring to the Infant Care Centers Rating results and tips for choosing infant care center, parents should be able to locate a good infant care center for their children and give their children a happy childhood.

How to obtain Taipei City Infant Care Centers Ratings
◎Taipei City Government Childcare Information Servicehttps://kids.taipei/

◎Department of Social Welfare, Taipei City Governmenthttp://www.dosw.taipei.gov.tw

◎Taipei City Childcare Resource Center: (02)2748-6008