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Welcome to Taipei City Childcare Resource Center (hereinafter referred to as this Site). In order for you to use the services and information provided at this Site without worry and to protect your rights, please take time to read the following privacy policy adopted by this Site.


1. Scope of the privacy protection policy
The content of the privacy protection policy includes the methods used by this Site when collecting your personal identification data when you use our services. The privacy protection policy does not apply to the links on this Site to other sites, and does not apply to the personnel commissioned by this Site or those participating in the management of this Site.


2. Data collection and use
To provide optimal interactive services for you, this Site may ask you to provide your personal information. When you use certain interactive functions on this Site, this Site may keep the email and contact information provided by you, and time of use. When browsing, the server will automatically record your behavior, including your IP address, time of use, type of browser used, and browsing records, which can serve as a reference to improve our site services.
To provide precise services, we will conduct statistical analyses based on the information we collect through questionnaires. The analysis results from the statistics or descriptive texts will be provided for internal study purposes and may be released, without disclosing particular individual information, at our discretion.
Unless otherwise approved by you or permitted by law, this Site will never disclose your personal information to any third party or use said information for any purpose other than the collection purposes hereto.


3. Information protection
The server of this Site has information security equipment such as firewalls and antivirus systems installed and other necessary, stringent security protection measures adopted to protect the server and your personal information. Only authorized personal bound by a confidentiality agreement may have access to your personal information; breach of the said agreement shall be punishable by law.
When this Site needs to commission the vendors concerning this Site to provide services, this Site will ask such vendors to comply with stringent confidentiality measures; necessary inspection procedures will be adopted when necessary to guarantee confidentiality compliance.


4. Links to external sites
This Site provides links to other sites. You can access other sites through the links provided by this Site. However, the privacy protection policy of this Site does not cover other sites linked to this Site. Please refer to the privacy protection policies adopted by the respective linked sites.


5. Use of cookies
To provide the best services for you, this Site will store our cookies on your computer and will use them accordingly. If you do not accept the storing of cookies, you may set the level of privacy in the settings of your browser to high, which will block cookies. However, this may cause some functions of this Site to not work properly.


6. Amendment of the privacy protection policy
This Site’s privacy protection policy may be amended from time to time; any amendment made will be announced on this Site.