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Taipei City Childcare Resource Center

The Beginning of Taipei City Childcare Resource Center
With the changing social structure, the number of small families consisting of parent(s) who must go out and work has increased, and these families typically do not have the traditionally available support from elder family members who are readily experienced in, or are available to help with, taking care of small children. Thus, childcare is now of great concern among parents. In the past, there was no single organization dedicated to offering comprehensive childcare information, resources, and referral services, and this lack of sufficient information made it very difficult for fathers and mothers who were seeking childcare.


A childminder or educare giver is like another parent to a child; parents will not be able to go to work with peace of mind if no ideal childminder is available for their children. A child needs a childminder and a preschool when they’re young and require after-school day care as he/she grows older, and it is a common need among most parents that a service provider is in place to gather comprehensive information and offer childcare advice for them.



The First in the Nation; a Resource Integration Center for Childcare Services
In response to the needs of parents in urban areas, the Department of Social Welfare, Taipei City Government commissioned the Child Welfare League Foundation in 1995 to establish the Taipei City Childcare Resource Center, the first center in Taiwan dedicated to childcare services.
After years of information integration, the Taipei City Childcare Resource Center can now offer a comprehensive “childcare resource integration and referral service”, and is an institute that provides extensive childcare services for parents.

What is “Childcare Resource and Referral” Service?
Childcare resource and referral (CCR&R) is a service that particularly addresses childcare needs by offering information and a resource referral service. Provision of this service is primarily achieved by building a childcare resource database with childcare needs in mind, which provides resources like licensed childcare institutes and professional childminders, as well as information regarding hiring preparation, childcare agreements, and childcare subsidies. In addition, professional advice and professional training are also provided for childcare service providers to enhance childcare service quality. Through better understanding of both the supply and demand sides, childcare-related knowledge is gathered to further promote discussion of childcare initiatives and refinement of childcare policies.

People to be Served
Children under 6 years of age and persons giving care to the children.

Scope of Service
Professional Childminders and Childcare Institute Information and Referral Service
We provide information about professional childminders, licensed infant care centers, preschools, and children’s after-school childcare centers (day care centers).

Childcare and Children Welfare Consultation and Resource Referral Service
We provide childcare and children welfare consultation services, childcare policies, license examination, related event information, and resource information about seminars concerning applicable laws and subsidies.

Awareness Campaigns of Parenting and Childcare
We proactively launch awareness campaigns in various forms on the issues and concepts surrounding childcare and parenting, with dedicated websites and publications including, among many others, Childcare Hiring Manual and With Love We Commit and Communicate available for persons taking care of children.

Childcare Service Practitioners Seminars
We plan and organize all sorts of on-job-training programs tailored for professional childminders and professional personnel working at licensed infant care centers,family childcare service centers, and parent-child centers.

Service Hours
Service hours: 9:00 ~ 12:00 AM and 1:30 ~ 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.